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  1. Forgive me for writing if you’d rather not receive emails like this. I ran across your contact information on the Internet. I’m a new novelist, and I’ve been going through some rough times over the past three years with unemployment and all that comes along with it. Still, I’ve managed, somehow, to publish the first book in what I want to be a 10-book collection. So I’ve gone online to “crowd funding” type websites to seek help. One such site is called I had to create a video and write up a description of what I’m doing, etc. A lot of people have gotten funding for creative projects, so I figured, “why the heck not!” So, I created a project. Even if it’s not funded, at least I will have tried, and I’ll learn a lot from my efforts.

    I’ve been in marketing communications as a professor or a corporate professional all my life, but I’m now working hard to be a novelist. My first book, Silver: Currents of Change, is about a young black woman who falls in love with an older white man, down South in Mississippi, and eventually has to tell her family about him. It’s the first novel in the “color-coded” collection, and even though I haven’t had the money to promote it, I’m continuing to write. Now I’m seeking “crowd fundraising” to help me publish its sequel, the second book in my collection. Gold, The Heat of Refinement, which continues the story of Silver, and the couple is on the verge of getting married when a big old family feud breaks out between the black and white families.

    I’m trying to reach 2,000 book lovers who, in the next 30 days will help me make sure I can publish my second novel, which has lots of drama and suspense, but ends beautifully. I’m only asking for donations of $10, $15, or $20, to help ensure that I can publish and/or promote the first two novels from my collection. Thanks for any type of help, for spreading the word, or for just thinking good thoughts about my project. Thanks so much.

    If interested, here’s the link to my project video on

    I’d be proud to have your Book Club read my book.

    Thanks again.