Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Page 77 meme . . . Join in!

So there's a fun little meme going around twitter right now, and The Daisy Harris & Julia Broadbooks goaded me into participating. And I think I'm supposed to tag 7 people myself, but I hate tagging people. Instead, why don't you play along in the comments or on your blog, throwing a link up here if you try it:

Page 77 of your current WIP if you're writing, or Page 77 of what you're reading right now, count down 7 lines, then post the next 7 lines.

Mine is from my Blaze Target. Page 77 of Still Got It landed smack in the middle of a love scene. It's definitely rated R, so look away if you're not interested in the smexy-smexy.

She laughed against his neck, making him moan again. She used her fingernail to flick his nipple before he pinned her hand back against her side. 
“Hey! We’re only halfway to the naked part.”
 He ran a finger all the way down her back. “You seem pretty naked to me. How about we move to step two of your experiment?”
He didn’t wait for her response before kissing her. His hands on her hips. Her nipples dragging against the cotton of his shirt. The sweet, heady rasp of his tongue against hers. The endless-wave high returned, crashing into her with a force almost great enough to throw her over.

Now it's your turn! Share your Seven Lines!


  1. Oops, just tagged you on my blog. Sorry, didn't mean to bombard you! :o)

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