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One For Wednesdays: Interview with Tracey Smith

I'm so excited! I have my first ever guest at the blog today, Author Tracey Smith. I'm hoping to have more guests in the future so if you or someone you know is looking for another stop on a blog tour, I'd love to feature more "One for Wednesdays" guests. Today I've got Tracey's answers to my "One Question" interview, as well as an extended blurb from her new release, Love's Destiny.  I just read the first few chapters tonight, and I really like the alternating first person narrators. It definitely has a "saga" feel, and I like it. It reminds me of Chris Owen's Prove It, which also spends a nice chunk of time with the characters in childhood, establishing conflict. It's a method that doesn't always work, but when it works, it works really well. I'll try to post a review soon!

My Questions for Tracey:

1. One fiction book you would take to a desert island?

I think I would have to say Twilight. I have read many good books in the last few years, but that is the only one I have read several times. There’s just something about that book that makes me want to revisit that world occasionally. So if I could only have one book to read I suppose it should be one I enjoy re-reading.

2. One favorite genre?

That’s an easy one: Romance. I love any book that has a good love story in it, and when the love story is the focus of the book that’s even better in my opinion

3. One favorite character of your own?

Katherine from Love’s Fate was my first character to ever come to life. Hers was the first story I wrote and therefore she holds a very special place in my heart.

4. One favorite place to write?

My bed! When writing my first book I sat hunched over an old Mac that was set up on a television cabinet. I recently purchased a laptop and can now write anywhere my heart desires, and I find my favorite spot to be the comfort of my bed propped up on a bunch of pillows. J

5. One favorite setting for stories?

I love the ocean and my characters always seem to find themselves there. My first book Love’s Fate was primarily set in San Diego California, with a beach cliff as a very significant recurring setting in the book.

6. One book of your heart (your favorite of the books you have written)?

My first book Love’s Fate will always be my favorite. I was inspired by the idea of telling a love story in the alternating perspectives of the two main characters. The more I thought about it the more the story grew. I was consumed with the characters as they evolved in my mind, until I finally had to sit down (hunched over my old Mac) and tell their story. It was such a liberating, creative, amazing experience that I instantly became hooked on writing. I loved every minute of writing that book and it was truly a labor of love. I love that book, those characters, and the story they told.

7. One thing about your new release:

My new release Love’s Destiny is the sequel to Love’s Fate and follows Destiny, the daughter of Michael and Katherine from book #1.

Destiny knew exactly how she would fall in love. Someday a handsome stranger was going to come into her life and sweep her off her feet. She would know the minute she laid eyes on him that he was the one. It would be overwhelming and romantic and everything she’d ever dreamed of. That’s the way falling in love was supposed to be.

Tyler had known Destiny his entire life. She had been his closest childhood friend, but it had been several years since he’d seen her, since his family had moved away. He had been miserable these last few years, nothing had been the same since they’d left San Diego. He’d been looking forward to seeing an old friend again, but she wasn’t the skinny girl he remembered from childhood and suddenly he felt awkward and nervous around her.

Destiny couldn’t believe how much Tyler had changed in the last few years. He seemed so different, so sad. She was glad she’d be spending the summer with them in Los Angeles, she hoped they could rekindle their lost friendship. She couldn’t believe the boy she had grown up with had turned into this sullen teenager. She wanted to help him, help him be happy again. So she went to LA with a plan and it backfired.

Everything changed that summer with one kiss. Tyler knew then that he was in love with Destiny, but would she ever be able to see him as anything other than the boy she’d grown up with? As the years pass and childhood is left behind will she ever face her feelings for him? Is it possible to look at someone you’ve known your whole life and see them for the very first time? Sometimes love doesn’t happen the way you thought it would.   


Thank you for visiting us, Tracey! You can learn more about Tracey Smith at www.amazon.com/author/traceysmith & www.facebook.com/lovesfatebook & Twitter @AuthorTSmith

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