Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big Bang Theory as Date Night Movie

We wanted to watch a movie last night. But our usual combo of babysitter + movie at the movie theater in town that also has dinner food turned into dinner at a less-than satisfying Thai place (that'll teach me to crave a change from grilled chicken salad at the Cinebarre). And later, once the toddlers were wrangled, the Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate consumed, we collapsed on the couch with Hulu and realized, horror of horrors, that we weren't in the mood for our usual drama series. (It's either admirable or beyond pathetic that we're down to two or three series we follow). So I'd heard that this week's Big Bang Theory was a gold mine for those of us married to the . . . nerd-ish hero archetype.

And other than a beyond-annoying laugh track, I greatly enjoyed seeing DH's tribe fictionally represented. For every woman who has listened to a Star Wars action figure rareness-ranking lecture or has computer parts of yesteryear stored in the basement like family mementos, this is your show. Your spouse may not agree. However, mine has a pretty hefty dose of self-irony, so he got some good laughs in. Plus, he enjoyed seeing how he is not-that-bad compared to Sheldon & company.

Here is a link to the episode that sucked us in. No prior exposure to the show is needed. Even for a must-watch-things-in-order compulsive like me.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hot Alpha Heroes

Hello! Shall we just pretend that I haven't been MIA for an entire season? No? I've learned this summer that I have pretty much 1000 words per day in me, and they ended up heading all to the book I FINISHED this summer and to my WIP. But, the not-blogging guilt stalked me all summer. I became the Queen of the DNF book--nothing seemed to work for me for huge stretches of time. But enough complaining. Back to blogging.

There was a great question over at the eHarlequin forums on what makes a "hot, alpha hero." Who is YOUR favorite hot, alpha hero?

What makes a hot alpha male hero for me isn't so much how he looks (although tall & built works nicely :)) but how he acts, especially towards heroine & what he's overcome--it's character arc that makes the hero hot (or not) for me. I think the best way for writers to learn what makes a hot male character is read widely, especially within your target line or subgenre. What makes a hot presents hero is different from what makes a hot superromance or blaze hero. Going to Dear Author or Romantic Times or another review site and looking for your chosen line and "A" reviews can help you see what works.

Here's some of my personal favorite heroes--I love the "wounded warrior" hero who is either physically or emotionally scarred and overcoming past tragedy. I love the hero who has a big character arc to achieve his HEA, but who treats the heroine as special the entire novel--we know that she's different for him long before he does. Hot Alpha Hero for me doesn't have to equal Tall, Dark, and Built like a movie star. Done right he can be horribly scarred (Elizabeth Hoyt's To Beguile a Beast), Blonde and kind of caveman looking (Suzanne Brockmann's Over the Edge), shorter than the heroine (Lorelei James's Chasin' Eight), or a computer nerd (Suzanne Brockmann's Out of Control (of course, hero being a SEAL doesn't hurt here :)) or completely unaware that he's a hot alpha hero (Tessa Dare's Twice Tempted by a Rogue).

Hot Alpha Hero written by a Guy--Don't Look Down by Bob Mayer and Jennifer Crusie

Hot Alpha Romantic Suspense Heroes who pretty much personify "Hot Alpha Male:" Pamela Clare's Naked Edge and Breaking Point both have smoking hot heroes who earn their hot status by being protective of the heroine. Also, smoking hot.

Hot Alpha Contemporary Single Title Hero--Victoria Dahl's Talk Me Down and Lori Foster's Say No to Joe

Hot Historical Alpha Heroes--Tess Dare's One Dance with a Duke, Julia Quinn's When He Was Wicked, Elizabeth Hoyt's Notorious Pleasures

Hot Alpha Historical/ Paranormal Hero written in away that Male AND Female readers love them: Zoe Archer's Blades of the Rose series.

Hot Alpha Paranormal Heroes--Kresley Cole. Every single hero :)

Hot Alpha Super Romance Hero: Terry McLaughlin's Make Believe Cowboy--Movie Star Hero, jaded with big character arc

Hot Alpha Blaze Heroes--Anything by Alison Kent or Kathleen O'Reilly. Smokin' hot.

Hot Alpha Erotica Heroes done Right--Sasha White and Lorelei James OWN the Alpha hero. James's Cowgirl Up & Ride could be a text book on the Alpha Cowboy :)