Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big Bang Theory as Date Night Movie

We wanted to watch a movie last night. But our usual combo of babysitter + movie at the movie theater in town that also has dinner food turned into dinner at a less-than satisfying Thai place (that'll teach me to crave a change from grilled chicken salad at the Cinebarre). And later, once the toddlers were wrangled, the Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate consumed, we collapsed on the couch with Hulu and realized, horror of horrors, that we weren't in the mood for our usual drama series. (It's either admirable or beyond pathetic that we're down to two or three series we follow). So I'd heard that this week's Big Bang Theory was a gold mine for those of us married to the . . . nerd-ish hero archetype.

And other than a beyond-annoying laugh track, I greatly enjoyed seeing DH's tribe fictionally represented. For every woman who has listened to a Star Wars action figure rareness-ranking lecture or has computer parts of yesteryear stored in the basement like family mementos, this is your show. Your spouse may not agree. However, mine has a pretty hefty dose of self-irony, so he got some good laughs in. Plus, he enjoyed seeing how he is not-that-bad compared to Sheldon & company.

Here is a link to the episode that sucked us in. No prior exposure to the show is needed. Even for a must-watch-things-in-order compulsive like me.


  1. Lol. I love The Big Bang Theory! Sheldon cracks me up. I used to date a science geek and now realise that compared to Sheldon, he was actually pretty normal :o)

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