Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Shorts: When Tony Met Adam by Suzanne Brockmann

When Tony Met AdamWhen Tony Met Adam by Suzanne Brockmann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This came as bonus with my Virtual Signing copy of Breaking the Rules. If you waited until June for a chance to purchase this in e-book format, you won't be disappointed. AT ALL. In fact, I enjoyed this more than Breaking the Rules, which I wasn't expecting. I really didn't think Brockmann could redeem Adam, who is horrid to Jules for several books, downright disgusting in Hot Target, slightly pathetic in Jules and Robin's story (title escaping me right now) and in All Through the Night. But, I knew from the little scene in All Through the Night that Brockmann could and would work her magic on Tony and Adam.

And how much did I love Tony? He is made of Awesome. He's the classic Brockmann hero--shades of Kenny and Mike Muldoon (my favorites). He just won't give up, but in a really good, dare I say healthy way. Brockmann's politics have dominated several recent releases, and they factor into this story, but it seemed more balanced, even as it was more central to Tony's character. There's no escaping the fact that DTDT is a huge part of Tony's life.

We also get to see Dan pre-enlightenment (loved his transformation in Hot Pursuit and now we see why), which also felt realistic. A little bit of a heads-up: A number of readers noted that Jules and Robin's love scenes stopped a little beyond the bedroom door and weren't the same heat level as her M/F pairings. She answers those readers with a SMOKING M/M scene here. But it's short and still not that explicit, so if you'd rather skip it, just move to the scene break--not a biggie. I wish Tony and Adam had a whole book, and I'd love to see them make another appearance. I ended up liking them even more than Jules & Robin (I KNOW--the sacrilege!) Even if M/M isn't usually your thing, you will enjoy the love story at the heat of this short, and Brockmann fans won't want to miss it.

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