Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reading Slump

Oh man! 11 days without posting! When I was doing so well . . . When I posted about my mission statement as a reviewer and how I really want to keep the focus on doing positive reviews, I thought, "This will be EASY! I love so much of what I read. I'm good at picking reads I love anyway."

Uh. No. Not this month anyway.

This has been a horrible reading month for me:
  • The southern chick-lit that looked so good at the library, but read like every other southern women's fiction with a hint of romance and mystery that I've read in the last 10 years.
  • The awesome historical voice bogged down by so much dialect that I regressed 15 years as a reader and started skimming for "the good stuff."
  • The award winning historical, with unique setting and lyrical writing, that just didn't work for me because I hated the hero to point of not being able to finish the book. I did flip to the end to see if maybe the author surprised everyone and killed him off, but no, there he was in HEA land.
  • Two of my auto-buy authors had disappointing new releases.
  • Several erotic romances that just didn't match my tastes.
  • Series that I've looked forward to for over a year now killed by too much backstory
  • And so many contemporary romance DNF (did not finish) books that I finally had to analyze what the heck was going on.
And I have come to the shocking conclusion that I can't read most straight (traditional/non-erotica) contemporary at the moment, because that's the genre my current WIP is in. When I was working on a YA submission, I found I couldn't read YA while I was actively drafting. I just can't shut off the writing part of my brain enough to enjoy the read. I always analyze what I read, but when it's the genre I'm writing in, I just can't seem to sink into the reading endorphins like I want.

This is a problem because my nook is full of contemporaries I REALLY WANT to read. Sigh. They will have to wait until later in the summer lest I burn an unnecessary swath through my TBR pile. I've been consoling myself with reading Marie Sexton's ENTIRE backlist and am now working my way through K.A. Mitchell's. Because two GUYS falling in love? I can totally sit back and enjoy the show. In more ways than one :) There's a number of upcoming new historical and romantic suspense releases that give me hope that my reading slump is almost over, and I've got a few gems to share with you in the coming days. I still have a moderate paranormal allergy and now with my contemporary quarantine, I find that I'd love some new names to try in historical, m/m, and romantic suspense, so feel free to recommend away!

What is the longest reading slump that you have had? How long between keeper shelf books or awesome new author discoveries? Do you remember the book/author that ended your slump? I'm pretty much willing to have babies for Marie Sexton's and K.A. Mitchell's m/m couples right now because they've kept me reading fiction this month rather than beating my bloody nook into the wall or using it to play mahjong.


  1. Omg, finally someone who shares my paranormal allergy! lol I only read some light paranormals but I can't really get into them. I don't know why because I love sci-fi.
    Anyhow, reading slump. I'm in a bit of a reading slump myself. I had the same problem like you. I was so looking forward to a new book in a series and it just didn't do it for me. It was a historical and historicals are my all time favourites so I'm really sad that this one didn't work for me. But in the last few months I'm reading more and more contemporaries and erotic romances. I've made some great discoveries there. So, that's at least something, I guess. When I'm in a really bad slump I read an all-time favourite of mine. I've just gone through all the I-Team novels by Pamela Clare because I loved Breaking Point so much and wanted "to see" the other guys again. lol Other authors that work always for me are among others Lorelei James or Lisa Kleypas and my new favourite Erin McCarthy (her contemp ones).
    You really piqued my interest with the "award winning historical, with unique setting and lyrical writing"...hmmm which one is that?
    I think that the older I get (not that anyone is getting older here, mind you :)) the more picky I get with books. When I started reading romances I read literally everything that had a HEA, no matter what author or setting. I so can't do that any more. Sometimes I'm thinking too hard about what to read and what not and tell myself to just dive in and give it a try. But then again I think there are so many good books out there and so little time, why waste my time with a boring, crappy book. I'm confusing myself here. lol
    So, you see, I had some time on my hands. But now you know you're not alone. :)
    And...*cough*...can you remember I was the winner of one of your giveaways? ;)

  2. Thanks! I'm very glad to not be one of the DNFs. :-)

    For what it's worth, I can't read in the genre I'm writing in either. The only m/m I've read for the past two years are the ones I beta-read for friends.