Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Four Umbrellas: Girl Wonder by Alexa Martin

Yea, though I walk though the valley of smutty adult romances, I still return to the fertile green pastures and sunshine of my YA roots from time to time. I find reading YA from time to time to be immensely refreshing and palate cleansing--it's a great between genre or between really big emotionally difficult books read. Alexa Martin has a lot to offer both her target group of teen readers as well adult readers looking for a breath of fresh air.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Girl Wonder is the perfect gift for the 11-15 year-old girl in your life. Some YA fiction crosses over easily to the adult audience, and while I found Girl Wonder enjoyable in the same way that I enjoyed the Princess Diaries series, I think its target audience of teen girls will absolutely ADORE this book. It offers the familiar theme of awkward girl facing a new and hostile environment as she starts a new school in a new city, but Martin’s fresh voice puts a unique spin on this classic trope. Readers who love Meg Cabot and Carolyn Mackler et al will want to add this offering to their keeper shelf and put Alexa Martin on their auto-read list as I see her as a great addition to the contemporary YA chick-lit genre. Note for parents: If you allow your daughter to read Meg Cabot, Alexa Martin is in the same category—I personally would have no problem letting an 11-15 year old read the title as while typical teen issues surface, good choices finally prevail in the end. If you screen your daughter’s reading, this is a fast, fun read that you too should enjoy—I polished it off in an evening and cheered at the great ending. I simply love it when good girls DO finish first!

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