Monday, May 2, 2011

Book Giveaways & More

Happy Monday! Do you love my new look? I'm thrilled to be DONE with the stock blogger book template. Etsy retailer Kelly Designs gave me a custom look for an amazingly low price. Can't recommend her highly enough!

I totally meant to add a giveaway to my review of Zoe Archer's Collision Course to my Saturday short post. I think I've worked out with her to do an e-book copy for a lucky poster (Collision Course isn't out in paper :( ) If you can't read e-books, I will let you pick from her backlist for a paper book. Collision Course is AWESOME though and well worth figuring out how to read books on your smart phone/laptop/desktop if you don't have a dedicated e-reader. If you would like to win a copy of the book, please comment with the name of your favorite Sci-Fi couple from books, movies, or TV.

Bdulin12 was the winner of my Lori Foster giveaway, but (s)he never contacted me. Bdulin 12 if you are out there, please give me a way to contact you or contact me! And let's try again to giveaway another copy of When You Dare & a Lori Foster t-shirt. If you commented on the original post, I'll give you an entry, and if you comment on this post, I'll give you another. If you'd like a chance at the Foster book, tell me your favorite Romantic Suspense couple from books/movies/or TV.

Did you hear all about the Judy Mays controversy last week? Long-time beloved High School English teacher was cruelly outed as writing erotica under a different name (never revealing this fact to students/parents) by a local TV station. The best way to support Judy is to buy her books! Would you like to win a copy of one of her books? Comment and tell me the name of you favorite double agent or character with a secret identity--Superman? Chuck? Someone else?

I couldn't resist picking up Victoria Dahl's hilarious book Talk Me Down which also deals with an erotica author getting outed, but she gets a HEA. I'll have a review up for that later this week or early next week, and I'm thinking I can't resist giving it away because it was just that awesome.

Speaking of FREE--Samhain is giving away Lorelei James's Long, Hard Ride--Book 1 of the awesome rough riders series. It is free for kindle/nook/other formats just for the month of May. No giveaway needed, just get to downloading! It's a great way to try out this awesome series. And trust me, the series only gets better as you go along.

And do you know about Books on the Knob? This amazing site scours all the free e-book deals and compiles them daily. Because so many deals are limited-time only, I check them daily.

And last but not least, I'm doing Shoshanna Evers 50k in May Challenge. This is way more flexible than NaNoWriMo. I'm doing a combo of book reviews and my own fiction writing to challenge myself to get more writing done. It's not too late to join up!


  1. Re the Judy Mays giveaway: favorite double agent or secret identity? Hope you don't mind my use of YA lit, but my favorite is a Tamora Pierce character named Aly in Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Chance. She has many secrets and keeps her full identity secret for the entire two books. Fun, excitement, intrigue, and romance.

  2. Love to win a book... Thanks for the chance and for the blog! :)

  3. I love Lori Foster, there's so many couple i love but i will go with Gabe and Kat from Naked Edge by Pamela Clare!!

  4. My favorites are Eve and Roarke from the In Death series, with an honorable mention to Sam and Nick from Marie Force's Fatal series. I like series with continuing couples, but there are very few of them around.

  5. 1) love the new look (blue is one of my favorite colors! 2) I'd love another entry for Lori Foster's When You Dare 3) Cheers to Judy Mays - "long time beloved teacher" should be the only consideration - would adore one of her books!

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  6. Hi! I've discovered your blog only recently (where were you hiding it? lol) and I love to read your reviews! I would love to win one of Zoe Archer's books. My favourite sci-fi couple would be (and I hope they count) Buffy and Spike. Watched that series ages ago and still love it!

  7. for LORI FOSTER book: my favorite couple would be uhhhh.....that's hard...Ashely and Murphy from Lori's book Murphy's Law (at least its in my top 10)

  8. I follow your blog and would love to win a book. Thanks for the chance! Have a great day! :)