Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Umbrellas: Cold Sight by Leslie Parrish

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Leslie Parrish also writes as Leslie Kelly, and I was super impressed with her Blaze offering, "Slow Hands," so I decided to check out her RS offerings too. This is on Overdrive in e-book from my library which made it a win/win. She's a strong writer with great POV characterization--this novel features multiple secondary characters, each with a unique voice. Aidan is a psychic whose ESP abilities have allowed him to solve past crimes--but also led to one notable failure which has him living like a recluse. Lexie is a young reporter desperate to solve a string of missing teen cases and thinks that Aidan can help her. Parrish does a particularly excellent job capturing the voices of the teen characters--I almost wanted Vonnie and Taylor to be the stars of the book. Especially since Aidan & Lexie as a couple just did not click for me. I like a lot of sexual tension in my Romantic Suspense reads, and this reads more like a traditional suspense/thriller. If you enjoy suspense reads with a touch of the paranormal where the mystery takes center stage, this will probably be a four or five star read for you. The villain is cleverly disguised (I was shocked, and I often guess the bad guy), and he's particularly evil, making this read great for readers who like a really spooky villain. For me, however, I just couldn't connect with Aidan--he's emotionally unavailable, and I was reminded that I usually don't care for characters with ESP abilities. Psychic heroes just don't seem to work for me, but if they work for you, you will want to give this a try. This read would be great for readers who want an alternative to the uber-sexy Romantic Suspense reads crowding shelves, for readers who loved Heroes and who like characters with special abilities, and for readers who enjoy spooky conspiracy theory reads with high suspense. I really enjoy this writer's voice, so I'm planning to go back and read her "Black" RS triology to see if perhaps it's just my bias against psychic heroes affecting my enjoyment here.

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  1. I read this one last year and it was alright, but the next book is looking good, the heroine is the woman who touches the dead body and experiments how he died, feelings, pain, everything, that book looks like it’s gonna be much better.