Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three Umbrellas: Stealing Time by Elisa Paige

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a great book by an author with loads of talent and tremendous potential, but I only do vampires in very small doses, so I'm just not the target audience for this book. I was drawn to its awesome cover, and at first glance of the blurb, I thought that it was a time-travel paranormal. Ooops. However, I try to read everything that I request on netgalley, so even after I realized that this was a Vampire novel, I kept reading. If you love well-done, sassy Vampire novels with touches of humor like those by Lyndsay Sands, Kerrelyn Sparks, Angie Fox, Mary Janice Davidson, Erin McCarthy et al, you will LOVE this book, and I bet this will be a four or five star read for you. The book features a first-person narrator who has been "rescued" from a cancer death sentence by a well-meaning Vampire. I found heroine most interesting prior to being "turned," and I would have loved to have spent more time with her as she dealt with her terminal illness so that I became more invested in her being saved. But, hero swoops in just as we are getting to know her. One of the reasons why I don't read more vampire books is that I just don't like slightly-stalkerish "we were meant to be together" vampire heroes who steamroller over potential obstacles and objections. However, MILLIONS of readers disagree with me and love suave, assertive heroes like this, and those readers will love the relationship here. Paige has a fun, fresh voice that will win her loads of fans, especially from younger romance readers who are vampire crazy. I'll keep an eye out for her, especially if she ventures outside of vampire-landia.

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