Thursday, March 3, 2011

Four Umbrellas: It Had to be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I love Authors with very deep Backlists. I feel like I "discovered" Susan Elizabeth Phillips with Match Me if You Can which made her an auto-buy for me, and I've slowly worked through her backlist, uncovering little gems. This book from 1994 stands the test of time and has me wondering what other books my teenage self and my current self could come to agreement on?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars. This book consistently makes top five lists of all time favorite romances, so when I saw that our library had the ebook version, I decided to give it a try. As it's from 1994, there's a good chance I have read this before. But it is also possible that it just feels so familiar because every sports romance that followed after used the same winning formula: clueless but hot girl is forced to interact with pro sports Guy who resents her presence until she saves the day. And most novels attempting this formula don't succeed nearly as well as this 17 year old classic. My 1994 teenage self would have given this five stars and multiple reads, but my 2011 self really disliked Phoebe. Phoebe struck me as a blonde Katy Perry inwardly wailing that no one takes her seriously or sees beyond her body while wearing ridiculous costumes that are heavy on the cleavage and light on pants. She uses sex as a weapon to disarm men, which after awhile made her seem highly manipulative and petty. Especially since she herself seemed to hate her public persona, I just wanted her to just drop all the antics. However, the antics do lead to a lot of laugh outloud fun, great secondary characters, and some pretty sweet love scenes with an amazing hero---Dan is the truly timeless element of this. book and makes this book required reading for all who love and write in the genre.

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