Sunday, February 20, 2011

Free Mondays: Four Umbrellas for Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly

Quick! This is free right now! You can get it at Barnes and Noble for the Nook or through Harlequin directly for a variety of formats.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The best things in life are often free. . . I wouldn't have read this without it being free for my nook as I've been disappointed by Blaze several times over the last few years. This book, however, is something special. Fans of Lori Foster's impressive backlist of short contemporaries and Jennifer Crusie's and Carly Phillips early shorter works will feel right at home here. I just finished ranting yesterday about the problems with too-perfect heroes, and Jake breaks my distinct preference for flawed heroes as he's pretty close to perfect, but not irritating so, and his perfection is exactly what Maddie needed--she needed someone from a happy family with a secure sense of self who truly wanted her just for her. The entire book hinges upon a misunderstanding but as it also involves one my favorite tropes, the Bachelor Auction, I was willing to forgive it. The love scenes occasionally stray towards the purple prose that can make Blaze reads a little . . less than blazing, but they are well-done and well-tied to the plot. Overall, this is about as good of a category or novella length read as I have found in years. I will read more by this author, and I would love to see her in Single Title, where she writes as Leslie Parrish.

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